COOLMATE and TopCV Join Endeavor Vietnam Network

COOLMATE and TopCV officially joined Endeavor Vietnam’s network after the 17th offline local selection panel. The selection round was held from June 22, 2023. Congratulations to our founders: Nhu Pham & Hieu Nguyen from COOLMATE & TopCV.

The local selection round serves two purposes: to evaluate candidates and provide feedback that will help them scale their business and finetune their pitch. The selection committee consists of experienced panelists who conduct face-to-face interviews with the candidates and consider most potential entrepreneurs for further international selection rounds.

After two consecutive years organizing an online selection panel, Endeavor has hosted the 17th selection round offline to provide candidate face-to-face interviews with our panelists.

The selection panel includes Ms. To Thi Hong Trang (Co-founder Digiworld, Member of the Board of Directors of Endeavor Vietnam), Mr. Hoang Xuan Chinh (Managing Partner | Excelsior Capital Asia), Mr. Mai Huu Tin (President | U&I Group), Mr. Han Ngoc Vu (CEO | VIB), Mr. Nguyen An Nguyen (Founder | Trusting Social) and Mr. Nguyen Duc Linh (Founder and Managing Partner | Earth Venture Capital, Endeavor Entrepreneur).

Endeavor Vietnam is connecting and supporting 36 entrepreneurs from 31 companies based in Vietnam.