Local Entrepreneurs

Endeavor Vietnam’s network of high-impact entrepreneurs is dedicated to transforming economies, fueling job creation, and inspiring future generations of leaders. These entrepreneurs, selected at the Endeavor International Selection Panel, are committed not only to scaling their companies, but also to growing their local ecosystems.

Founder & CEO, EcoTruck

Co-founder & CEO, Kim Dental

Co-founder & CEO, Casper


Co-founder & CEO, Rikkeisoft

Co-founder & CEO, TopCV

CEO, Finhay

Co-founder & CEO, VUIHOC

Founder, Kyber Network

Co-founder & CTO, Rever

Founder & CEO, Rever

Founder & CEO, M Village

Founder, Koina

Co-founder & CEO, COOLMATE

Co-founder & CRO, ShopBase

Founder & CEO, ShopBase

Founder & CEO, Zego

Founder, Coin98

Founder & CEO, Kim An

Co-founder & COO, VUIHOC

Founder & Chairman, Rikkeisoft

Co-founder & CEO, Sapo

Co-founder & CEO, Coin98

Founder & CEO, Amanotes