EEs Contributing To Alleviating The Crisis

We are fortunate to be part of an extraordinary network of people and it’s simply been amazing to watch our Endeavor Entrepreneurs (EEs) from around the world who have rolled up their sleeves trying to make a difference during the crisis of Coronavirus.

Altibbi, Jordan

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, sponsored by Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Altibbi is managing a National Coronavirus Hotline to provide relief in Jordan. By dialing 111, users can get connected to certified doctors. In addition to advising on the best practices and over the phone screening, Altibbi’s certified doctors are available to give tailored advice and answer questions for each unique case.

Supermercato 24, Italy

Italy’s Supermercato24 has announced free home delivery for customers aged over 65 whose orders exceed €40. This offer applies for purchases from a range of supermarkets, including Coop Lombardia, Bennet, Conad, Carrefour, Tuodì, Fresco Market, MD, Pewex, Iper La Grande i.

Nearpod, Miami

For schools and districts closed, Nearpod is offering weekly webinar series to prepare for remote learning as well as free 2-month access to schools in China and Hong Kong. As of March 11, 90 schools were using Nearpod for free.

Link Mobile, Ecuador

Link Mobile is teaming up with local companies and government agencies to track possible outbreak zones using data analytics and artificial intelligence models.

Resultados Digitais, Brazil

Resultados Digitais launched a free, open-source virtual office that brings the experience of a physical location, with multiple rooms and workstations. The entire project, called #matrix, is published on the company’s GitHub here.