Endeavor Vietnam’s 1st Virtual Local Selection Panel

On April 23rd, we held our first exciting Virtual Local Selection Panel!!!

Candidates and Panelists sitting at different parts of the world had insightful discussions and explored ways to grow the business to the next level and become a part of the unrival Endeavor network.

A big thank you to our star Panelists:

  • Nguyen Thanh Nam (Founder – FUNiX, Chairman – Endeavor Vietnam)
  • Han Ngoc Vu (Boar Member – VIB)
  • Mai Huu Tin (Chairman & CEO – U&I Investment Corporation)
  • Phan Quoc Cong (Chairman – Saigon Food & UniBrands, Board Member – Endeavor Vietnam)
  • Beau Seil (Co-founder & Partner – Patamar)
  • Paul DiGiacomo (Senior Managing Director – BDA Partners

The Local Selection Panel (LSP) process serves the dual objectives of evaluating the candidates and providing candidates with feedback on how to improve their business model as well as how to perfect their business pitch. A panel composed of mentors who conduct group interviews with candidates and deliberate at the end who should advance to the International Selection Panel (ISP).

At the end of the selection, we have selected two companies, NextPay and Elsa, into the local network and they will continue their journey to join the global Endeavor network.

NextPay is a provider of comprehensive digital transformation solutions (it is the parent company of Vimo E-wallet and the mPOS Payment Solution). It provides one-stop solutions for merchants with more than 35,000 acceptance points, accounts for more than 9% transaction payment in Vietnam.

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an AI-powered app for the 1.5B language learners in the world to learn to speak English more fluently, thereby changing their careers and lives. ELSA uses proprietary speech technology with deep learning and AI to detect people’s pronunciation mistakes with 95%+ accuracy.