LiveSpo and Appota were selected in Endeavor Local Network at #20th LSP

Welcoming the 20th Local Selection Panel in Vietnam, Endeavor is proud to host three promising candidates with great potential for future growth. This LSP session was held at the office of Digiworld Vietnam, sponsored by Ms. To Hong Trang, Deputy General Director at Digiworld and an Endeavor Board Member. The 20th LSP was successfully conducted with the participation of three teams: LiveSpo, Appota, and BuyMed.


Thank you to all the panelists who took the time to participate in the 20th LSP. The panelist list includes:

  • David Do | Managing Director | Vietnam Investment Group
  • Nam Nguyen | Vice President | FPT University
  • Vu Han | CEO | VIB
  • Ninh Nguyen | Founder, CEO | M Village
  • To Hong Trang | Co-founder, Deputy General Director | Digiworld

Our New Local Entrepreneurs

Learn more about the entrepreneurs who impressed our panelists this selection and the innovative companies they are building.


Entrepreneur: Hung Dang

Industry: Healthcare products

Drug-resistant diseases result in at least 700,000 global deaths annually, a number projected to soar by 2050, according to WHO data. This rising threat increases healthcare costs and burdens systems due to prolonged treatments. Vietnam ranks among the countries significantly impacted by antibiotic resistance. In response, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh founded Livespo in 2010, championing the vision of a future without antibiotics. Livespo, aiming at a substantial global market, innovatively uses spore probiotics, differing from the common powder or capsule forms of probiotics. This method enhances efficacy and accessibility, positioning Livespo strongly both domestically and internationally.

The digital pharmaceutical company using probiotics in replacement of antibiotics LiveSpo is a brand specializing in the research, production, and distribution of high- concentration, multi-strain liquid medical probiotics for digestive and respiratory health,leading in breakthrough biotechnology, medical probiotics with no adverse effects, aiming for “A Future Without Antibiotics.”


Entrepreneur: Do Tuan Anh, Tran Vinh Quang

Industry: Gaming, Advertising, Payment

Appota Corporation, led by Do Tuan Anh, is a leading provider of mobile platforms & ecosystem including game publishing & development, gaming-focused multi-channel network, digital payment & fintech, HRM SaaS solution, and blockchain platform and wallet.

Established in 2011, Appota initially faced significant challenges but gained momentum after being recognized as the Most Disruptive Startup in 2012 by the Founder Institute. This recognition marked a pivotal shift towards distributing digital content on mobile devices. The company has since secured strong partnerships with thousands of developers and advertisers globally, including exclusive deals with major tech companies, reinforcing its market position.

Today, Appota stands as a leader in the mobile entertainment industry, supported by a robust digital ecosystem that enhances user engagement. It continues to expand its influence in game publishing and advertising while innovating in the payment sector, setting a competitive standard in the industry and focusing on content that appeals to the young generation.

Conclusion of Endeavor’s Newest Local Entrepreneurs Selection

From innovative projects serving consumer needs in payment gateways, gaming, and advertising to biotechnology aiming for high-impact, the selected companies have demonstrated a strong desire for support and collaborative growth within the Endeavor network.

Stay tuned for upcoming selection rounds to learn more about the high-impact entrepreneurs and change-makers shaping our future!