Reimagining Founders’ Pathways to Success

Reimagining the Pathway to Success 

In our 2023 Impact Report, we celebrate the unexpected pathways taken by founders around the world and the Endeavor Entrepreneurs who are building thriving ecosystems in their markets by dreaming bigger, scaling faster, and paying it forward.

The past year was filled with astonishing moments from entrepreneurs all over the world. eFishery put Indonesia in the headlines as the world’s first aquaculture unicorn. Tunisian AI company InstaDeep was acquired by a biotech titan. The female-led startup Pismo made headlines as one of the largest fintech deals of 2023.

In 2023, we also celebrated our 300th investment. Endeavor Catalyst now invests in 37 of our markets and is recognized as one of the most active funds for early-stage companies in MENA, Africa, and Latin America.

Some more highlights (and these are just a few!):

• Endeavor has selected, supported, and invested in more than 2,500 founders across 42 markets in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the United States.

• In 2023, Endeavor held 10 virtual International Selection Panels and two in-person panels in Bali, Indonesia, and Rome, Italy, where we welcomed 152 new entrepreneurs from 81 companies around the world.

• Released in October, Endeavor Insight’s latest research project on the career pathways of 200 unicorn founders — 100 from companies based in the United States and 100 in emerging markets — debunked myths about the pathways to success.

• Endeavor celebrated 25 years in Chile and Argentina, 15 years in Egypt, one year in Pakistan and Poland, and launched Endeavor Portugal.

Dive In: Read the report online here or download the PDF below.