Scale-Up Forum_Endeavor 2022: Reshaping The Future

Join us at the Endeavor Scale-Up Forum 2022 – Reshaping The Future, the most important annual event hosted by Endeavor Vietnam to promote the growth of innovation, ideas exchange, and cooperation of Vietnam’s tech startup ecosystem.

The dragging Covid pandemic, a sudden war, looming inflation, and unpredictable events are throwing the world into an unprecedented time. Amid the turbulence, there are opportunities for entrepreneurs to make an impact. In Vietnam, and Southeast Asia, the tech ecosystem is entering the scale-up stage. Endeavor Vietnam’s ScaleUp forum provides a platform for entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs to gather and discuss the most important topics for companies in the tech sphere. We’ll examine some of the most exciting trends in the digital economy, from the blockchain (NFT, De-Fi) to digital services, commerce, and payments. We will also address the challenges facing companies that enter the scaleup stage, including talent resources and management, culture building, capital raising, as well as market expansion. We’ll invite top minds in the business world to share their vision of building a more sustainable economy and environment.

View the full agenda here: