Supporting Entrepreneurs Through Crisis

The past five months have been a really tough time when most businesses are struggling to survive. Understanding this reality, Endeavor Vietnam has organized a series of webinars to support founders in dealing with the unprecedented crisis. Up til now we have hosted 7 webinars with the following topics:

  • Macro Policies to Support Businesses in Time of Crisis
  • A CEO Plan
  • Crisis Management
  • Customer Behavior in The New Normal
  • Smart Fundraising in The New Reality
  • Leading through Crisis
  • Leveling Up Your Mental & Spiritual Energy through Mindkindness Practices

Guest speakers are reputable names in various industry from technology, education to investment and finance, including Endeavor Vietnam’s Board Members Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam (Chairman – FUNiX), Mr. David Do (Managing Director – VIG), Mrs. Tran Thi Le (CEO – NutiFood), Mrs. To Hong Trang (Co-founder – Digiworld). They shared valuable practical experiences in dealing with crisis and suggested strategies to help companies prepare for an uncertain future.

Stay tune for more webinars coming up in July:

  • Measuring Company Culture: A healthy company culture can turbocharge corporate performance. The webinar will provide leaders with tools for benchmarking culture in their organization.
  • Crisis as Opportunities – Entrepreneurship Approach to Challenges: Entrepreneurs are those who respond to crisis with new ideas rather than accepting the status quo. The webinar will tell stories of embracing a pain point as an opportunity to create novel and productive solutions.
  • Strategy for Growth: Strategy is the driving force for growth. This webinar will provide us insights of why and how we build a sustainable growth strategy.