Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Joining Hands In Time Of Crisis

When the government updated policies to support businesses to overcome difficulties, local business leaders also have immediate actions to help each other and advance consumer experience during the crisis.

Kompa: Tracking the progress of Coronavirus

Kompa, a technology start-up applied big data and AI, created a website to track the progress of the Corona epidemic to prevent fake news which may confuse local people. Data on Kompa website is credible, and continuously updated based on WHO, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam as well as data from orthodox parties such as CDC, ECDC etc.

Familiarize with “Working Temotely”

Vietnam Remote Working was founded by Hung Dinh – CEO of DesignBold and a group of start-up companies, to share knowledge, experience and tools to support business leaders to run and manage their teams while working away from office.

CEO Supporting Companies (CSC)

In response to the negative effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, Mai Truong Giang – Founder of the Chewy Junior and Otoke Chicken food chains, formed a Facebook community called CEO Supporting Companies (CSC) with more than 300 participants as business owners of big and small companies in Food & Beverage segment. The Facebook group help people to discuss solutions towards business operations, HR management, finance and renting fee in the context of difficult markets.

Let’s Ride-hailing Apps Buy Groceries for You!

Be – a Vietnamese ride- hailing app just provided a grocery shopping service, then Grab also introduced the shopping feature when local stores and coffee shops are temporarily closed in major cities to prevent disease. The function saves customer’s travel time through finding and buying canned as well as processed foods, fresh fruits, vegetables and beverages from partnered convenience stores, retail chains, supermarkets partner then delivering them to the buyer’s house.

CO-VID19 Check: Check for Virus Infection

During the disease, Got It team quickly built COVID19 CHECK application (beta version) to enable users to check their possibility of Corona virus infection (SARS-CoV-2) according to the F0 to F5 classification of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.